Jan 042014

Chris Harp
Bee Doctor

Chris Harp is an organic beekeeper, beekeeping teacher, and “Bee Doctor”. He and fellow beekeeper, Graci St. Clair Rice, co-founded HoneybeeLives.org in 2005. HoneybeeLives’ beekeeping classes have been taught at The Pfeiffer Center for Biodynamic Agriculture, The Sustainable Living Resource Center, The Commons Brooklyn, New England Farms and at the HoneybeeLives Apiary in New Paltz, NY.

Harp’s naturalist and biodynamic methods, and unique hive designs, have developed from his years of working with, and listening to, Honeybees, as well as having studied with Gunther Hauk at the Pfeiffer Center.

Harp has been tending his own hives for twenty-four years, and now tends approximately 200 colonies in locations in New York and Connecticut for both individuals and organizations. Harp is a consultant on hive health for troubled colonies and concerned beekeepers.

Chris Harp has served on the Board of Directors for the Catskill Mountain Beekeepers’ Club, and is currently on the advisory board of the Ulster County Beekeepers Association. He was a consultant for the CNG (Certified-Naturally-Grown) Apiary Standards for their Certification Program and the ensuing publication Handbook for Natural Beekeeping.

Harp’s work as a “Bee Doctor” comes from a deep caring and concern for the fragility of the Honeybee population, and a profound respect for the structure of their collective lives and their impact on the health of Mother Earth. Harp’s goals are focused on the wellbeing of the colonies he nurtures, and through teaching others he raises the awareness of and caring for these amazing creatures.

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