Jan 042014

Dr. Dick Rogers, Entomologist/Manager
Bayer Bee Care Center, Bayer CropScience, North Carolina

Dick has been keeping and studying honey bees, and has been a professional Entomologist for 40 years. During the 1980’s he received his Masters of Science degree in Entomology/IPM from McGill University in Montreal, Canada. He was a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Apiculturist for many years, and is now a current member of the American Beekeeping Federation.

After many years as a beekeeper/consulting entomologist/contract researcher, and as an extension entomologist/apiculturist, Dick started with Bayer in 2009 as a Principal Scientist/Entomologist in Ecotoxicology. He is now Entomologist/Manager of the Bayer Bee Care Center for North America where he is both an internal and external resource and educator on bees and apiculture. He works to identify, develop and evaluate tools, products and management for protecting and improving honey bee health.

Dick got into beekeeping in 1973 after taking an introductory course from the late Gerry Smelter. Gerry worked for Agriculture Canada at the local research station and was a leading educator and mentor for beekeepers in eastern Canada. Dick’s other apiculture and entomology mentors were Harold Specht, and the late Edel Karmo and Vernon Vickery. In those early days, Dick and other beekeepers in eastern Canada, bought package bees from the southern US every spring and then killed them off in the fall after honey harvest. After the introduction of the honey bee tracheal mite, and then Varroa mite, into the US in the mid-1980s, the Canada/US border was closed to bee imports so they then learned how to winter honey bees. Dick started keeping bees because of his pure fascination with this social insect, plus his small scale honey production and pollination service helped pay his way through university.

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